Upside Down

Upside Down @ Gentse Feesten

25 - 28 juli 2024

Upside Down

Een nieuwe zomer, een nieuwe editie Gentse Feesten!


Upside Down zet opnieuw de boel op stelten met een vet programma aan Swing jazz, Funk, Blues, Afro Cuban en nog veel meer in het Baudelohof en op het St.-Jacobsplein.



Op het programma staan proevertjes solo- en koppeldans, steengoeie live muziek, verrassende dansvoorstellingen, swingende DJs, spraakmakende MCs en bovenal: een goei feestje – en dat 4 dagen na elkaar.


Nog meer dansen?

Jawel, dat kan. Dansers kunnen intekenen voor een weekend bomvol dansworkshops (27 & 28 juli) van de bovenste plank: we nodigen (inter)nationaal danstalent uit om jullie te inspireren! Tickets zijn nu te koop, programma hieronder.

A new summer, a new edition of Gentse Feesten!


Upside Down once again sets the scene with a bold program of Swing jazz, Funk, Blues, Afro Cuban and much more in the Baudelohof and on the St.-Jacobsplein.


What’s on the program? Tasters solo and couple dancing, badass live music, surprising dance performances, swinging DJs, mouthy MCs and above all: a good party – 4 days in a row!

Fancy some more dancing?

We got your back. Dancers can sign up for a full weekend (July 27th & 28th) of top-notch dance workshops: we invite (inter)national dance talent to inspire you! Tickets are on sale now, program below.


July 27th & 28th

workshops upside down


In these workshops, you get to broaden as well as deepen your skills as a (swing) dancer. We explore styles such as lindy hop, solo jazz and afro cuban, together with (inter)nationally recognized artists.

Your weekend pass gives you access to 3 hours of workshops on Saturday afternoon, and 3 hours of workshops on Sunday afternoon.


You can choose between a Combi Track (combining solo dancing & Lindy Hop), and a Solo Track (solo dancing). You can add 1 or 2 optional solo workshops on top.


If you can only join on Saturday or Sunday,  take a One Day Pass. You decide on the spot whether to combine Lindy Hop and Solo dancing, or go full in on solo (solo jazz on Saturday, afro cuban on Sunday).


Since there are different styles, we will all be beginners at some point. The workshops offer a variety of challenges.

We will split up the Combi Track in two groups that reflect the tempo of learning, based on your Lindy Hop experience.

  • Combi Track Level 1: 6 months – 2 years of Lindy Hop experience (group 1)
  • Combi Track Level 2: a minimum of 2 years of Lindy Hop experience (group 2)

For the solo track there’s only 1 group, open level with a more challenging topic each day. 


For the One Day passes, you can choose your level of Lindy Hop on the spot, as long as both groups are balanced.



UD workshops at GF

Saturday July 27th

Optional workshop with Daniil:

“Fast and chill”

A workshop on different ways of dancing to fast music in a minimalistic, relaxed way. Ideally to explore different tricks to enjoy long and high-paced jazz tunes, a beautiful part of Lindy Hop and solo jazz dancing. Daniil Nikulin will get you moving, fast and chill.

[12:00 – 13:00. This is an optional workshop you can add for €15.]


Solo jazz with Daniil 

In the solo jazz workshops with Daniil Nikulin, you will be invited to join his adventurous and rich universe of jazz dance and movement. Daniil brings a unique voice in our scene and has found many original ways to facilitate his content.  

[13:30 – 15:00 or 15:30 – 17:00, This workshop is included in your Combi Track. For the Solo Track, you get 2 workshops solo jazz with Daniil]


Lindy Hop with  Alexia & Sep

Alexia Legoueix and Sep Vermeersch are a one-of-a-kind duo. Their individual devotion to swing dancing, its culture and its community, makes their pairing so unique. They prioritize an authentic dancing state fueled by the music. Their goal is always an honest and shared dance relationship. They’ll shake you in a pleasant and caring way. 

[13:30 – 15:00 or 15:30 – 17:00, This workshop is included in your Combi Track.]


UD workshops at GF sunday

Sunday July 28th

Optional workshop with Daniil:

“Body Mobility and Care”

In this workshop, we’ll work on taking care of our bodies. We’ll explore strengthening and stretching techniques that Daniil Nikulin also uses in his dance practice: softening, expanding the freedom in the body. We’ll as well explore how that freedom can serve our rhythmic and grooving skills. 

[12:00 – 13:00. This is an optional workshop you can add for €15.]


Afro Cuban with Tess

Tess Efongo is trained by several Cuban maestros in her many years of being a passionate practitioner of Cuban dances. She is a member of the international company of Cuban dances – Europe. She will bring you an energising and inspiring workshop that will help you navigate the dancefloor later that evening, because we programmed Afro Cuban music at Gentse Feesten!

[13:30 – 15:00 or 15:30 – 17:00, This workshop is included in your Combi Track. For the Solo Track, you get 2 workshops afro cuban with Tess]


Lindy Hop with  Alexia & Daniil

This time, Alexia Legoueix is teaming up with Daniil Nikulin to explore more Lindy Hop with you! Within the thirteen years of his dance journey, Daniil has explored different sides of Jazz Dances. Both him and Alexia love supporting the students to find their own way to move – by themselves and with a partner – in the spirit of jazz. 

[13:30 – 15:00 or 15:30 – 17:00, This workshop is included in your Combi Track]





Sint-Salvatorstraat 18A, 9000 Gent, Belgium (Google Maps)

This venue is on ground level and accessible to dancers using a wheelchair.

Bathrooms are gender-neutral.



€90 for A Track (6 hours), €50 for a One Day Pass (3 hours), €15 per optional workshop (1 hour)

Ben je UiTPAS-kaarthouder met kansentarief in regio Gent, dan heb je recht op 80% korting. Registreer via de link hieronder, en mail ons je naam en UiTPAS-kaartnummer vooraleer te betalen, zodat we je korting kunnen toepassen.



Sign up here.

When you register, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct

meet the inspirers

Daniil Nikulin

Alexia Legoueix & Sep Vermeersch

Alexia Legoueix & Daniil Nikulin

Tess Efongo


Do I need to sign up with a partner?

No! The combi track includes 3 hours of Lindy Hop, which is a partnered dance. You can sign up as a lead, follow or switch dancer (both dance roles). To balance out participants, it helps if you register with a partner in the other role if you are a lead or follow. To do so, you simple add the email address of the other person when registering. This is optional; single registration is welcome, too. For the solo track, there is no need to sign up with a partner.

I only dance one or two of these styles, can I still join?

Yes! Some workshops will be more of a first encounter for most participants. Sign up for level 1 if you have less than 2 years of dance experience in at least 1 style. Sign up for level 2 if you have more than 2 years of dance experience in at least 1 style. It is not possible to combine levels.

Can I register for only one day?

Yes, you can take a One Day Pass.

Can I take  more workshops?

We offer 2 optional solo workshops, each day at 12:00. You can sign up for 1 or both workshops of choice when registering.

How do I sign up for the night program?

Not necessary, the night program is included (free) and outdoors! It’s part of a huge city festival. More information about the night program below. 

July 25th - 28th
free city festival in open air

4 days of live bands, dance tasters, DJ music, performances & all around groovy vibes!

Upside Down

Upside Down @ Gentse Feesten is deel van Trefpunt Festival en wordt mogelijk gemaakt dankzij steun van Crazy Legs Dance School en Danshuis De Ingang. 

Upside Down @ Gentse Feesten is part of Trefpunt Festival and is made possible with the support of Crazy Legs Dance School and Danshuis De Ingang. 

Upside Down

De Gentse Feesten = 10 dagen lang gratis stadsfestival. Ontdek nog meer om te beleven op de officiële website:

De Gentse Feesten = 10-day free city festival. Discover what else is happening on the official website:

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